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How to Cancel or Pause Your Account
How to Cancel or Pause Your Account

Provides steps on how to cancel your account or pause your account.

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Springbot's service is non-contractual, however it is a month to month subscription that does require you to take action in order to either cancel or downgrade your account.

You also are responsible of holding knowledge of when your billing cycle renews, as any downgrade or cancellation must be done prior to this in order to prevent renewal charges.

Learn more about our Cancellation & Refund Policies here.

Difference of Pausing & Canceling Account

We recommend pausing your account if you still need access to past data or reporting, want to run basic marketing channels, are in an industry with seasonal slowness, or just want to take a break from marketing as a whole. This also means your account settings, templates, and past work would not be deleted. You could also upgrade at any point and have all your features ready to turn back on.

If you wish to cancel your account completely, that would mean your login information, templates, settings, and all past actions would be deleted, as well as all reporting. We would also discontinue daily/nightly data syncs with any cookie or pixels that were placed during installation. If you were to return to Springbot and re-register, you would have to start with a new dashboard. Closing an account is not reversible.

How to Pause Your Account

To Pause your account after being on a paid plan, you will head to the Account Billing section within the app by clicking Subscription & Add-ons -

Once there, you will select the Free / $0 Plan.

Once you select this, at the end of your current billing cycle all add-ons will be removed & all premium features turned off and removed from the dashboard. You will not be able to review past actions around these features.
At that point, if you have not yet, you will have: up to 5,000 email send cap total, Social Posting tools, and Basic Automations. Support will also be downgraded to only our Help Center.

How to Cancel Your Account

To cancel your account after being on a any plan, you will head to the Account Billing section within the app & select Subscription & Add-ons -

From there, you will select Cancel Subscription, or you can head directly to our Cancellation Form here.

Once you submit via form, we will be reaching out via email from within the next business day to confirm cancellation, but your last day of access will be at the end of the current billing cycle, and unless any invoices are overdue, nothing else is owed.
We recommend when you do cancel, to export your Subscriber Email Lists, send yourself copies of your email campaigns, and download any automation templates you had running for reference. When we shutdown the account, we do not fully uninstall you, as you will need to do this in your platform's backend.

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