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Billing FAQ

Most frequently asked questions regarding our billing process reviewed here.

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All of these features can be accessed via your In-App Billing Page found here.

How can I access or download invoices?

Select Your Subscription History. There you can download all past invoices and view breakdowns, etc.

How do I pay overdue invoices?

Select "Mange Subscription". On the billing module, select, Billing History & you will see a notification saying you have have unpaid invoices.

Click that to follow how to Pay overdue invoices which will usually require a new credit card on file and updated address potentially. A reminder that we shutdown accounts at 60 days overdue or 3 invoices past due.

How can I update my payment method?

Select "Update Payment Method". You can pay with Credit Card or GoCardless. You also can update your billing address there.

When will I be charged and can I change the date of my charges?

On the left hand side, you can see your next renewal date, and if you select the Manage Subscription, you can see how much it will be and breakdown of charges (like if you have pro-rated credits, etc).
If you would like to change your charge date, reach out to the team at and we can change it for the following calendar month.

One Time Charges

We do not allow for one time charges - all upgrades are treated as an add-on upgrade and with in-app billing you can upgrade/downgrade or fully remove/cancel at any point.

When you upgrade, you will be charged a pro-rated amount, and when you downgrade, you will be credited a pro-rated amount for future invoices.
If you cancel or downgrade to freemium subscription though, no credits or refunds are granted and the change will go through at the end of the billing cycle.

Additional Questions?

If you have any additional questions or concerns, reach out to our team at

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