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Shopping Cart Platform Migration Steps
Shopping Cart Platform Migration Steps

If you're planning to migrate to a different platform, please read these steps as soon as possible.

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There are several steps you will have to take to migrate/set up a dashboard for a new store, so we recommend reading through this document and planning ahead, but also reach out to our team if you have any questions at or via in-app chat.

Please note Springbot only supports Shopify, BigCommerce and WooCommerce as of July 2023. When migrating, our team only assists with the cancellation of previous subscription & shutdown of old dashboard information, and you will be responsible for recreating features and setting up billing.

Step 1: Registering your New Store

These steps can be taken BEFORE your new site is published.

  1. Register for a new dashboard/account for your new store via Be sure to use what your new URL will be.

  2. You will automatically be put on a freemium plan and will be required to go forward with our new pricing and features for this store. You will no longer be able to utilize legacy features (email campaign services and/or AdRoll advertising).

  3. Reach out to Springbot team at to let us know of the migration schedule, so we can schedule the shutdown of the old dashboard and those features to prevent renewal of your monthly subscription.

Step 2: Copying Over Content

At this point you will need to copy and recreate content from your previous dashboard into your new one. You don't have to upgrade your plan until you have fully launched your new site/are ready to activate. We recommend lining this up with when your previous subscription/dashboard is set to cancel.

  1. We recommend downloading email lists, taking screenshots of any features you want to duplicate (i.e. templates, sign up forms, content blocks), and sending yourself previews of any emails you want moving forward (regular email campaigns, automations, onsite abandonment campaigns).

  2. You will need to set up features within your new dashboard, so you will want to follow our onboarding/get started steps. Find those here.

Step 3: Installing Springbot to new Shopping Platform

  1. Install Springbot to final store front (it doesn't have to be published, but cannot be test URL). Here you can find our different Installation steps.

  2. Logging In: After the install, you will need to then login through your store's platform. This will kick off a data harvest and the ability to connect webhooks.

Step 4: Activating Your Features

We recommend logging in & getting the features running ASAP so there's no delay in your marketing. If this is before the end of your old subscription, let us know so we can turn it off.

During this step, we recommend keeping an eye on your reporting and tracking to ensure that everything is properly connected. If something seems off, reach out.


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