There are several steps our team has to take to complete to ensure Springbot will be performing properly with this new platform. The migration process can take between 1-2 weeks, so we appreciate your communication with our team during this process!

Please note Springbot only supports Shopify, Magento1, Magento2, BigCommerce and WooCommerce. If you're migrating to a different platform, please email so we can help coordinate the shutdown of your account.

Step 1: Confirming Migration

Before our team can begin migrating you to a new store instance, there are some steps we need your team to take. These steps can be taken BEFORE your new site is live.

Install Springbot: You can reinstall Springbot onto your new platform using this link

Logging In: After the install, you will need to then login through your store's platform. All functionality from the old dashboard will be removed once we have confirmed everything is set up in the new one, and we will leave your old data visible so you can still have access to your performance history.

Alert Our Team: After completing those two steps, please reach out either via email or phone to alert our team so that we may begin the next steps.

Step 2: Replicating Your New Store Instance

Once Step 1 is complete, our team gets to work! During this step, we work on:

  • Ensuring your features are migrated over

  • Confirming your billing is configured properly

  • Completing a data harvest for any new information from your platform

  • Alerting our Campaign Services team (if that is a feature you're using) as they will have to update you Facebook pixel.

Step 3: Copying Over Content

Once you complete Quick Launch & Branding, and we've confirmed your initial settings are setup properly, our team will then begin to copy over the content from your previous store instance. This includes Email Lists, Automations, Sign-Up form, and Exchange content if you have that feature.

Step 4: Activating Your Features

Though we bring over your content, our team is not allowed to activate anything without your permission. At this point, our team will reach out via email with a list of features for you to go in an edit/turn on.

That list will typically look similar to this:

Sign Up Form: Log into the app & either edit or activate this feature

Automations: We recommend checking to ensure each Automated email has an updated promo code - once that is complete & you like how they look, turn them on.

Exchange: If you're using Onsite Abandonment/Audience Expander, you will have to re-opt into the exchange & then turn this email on.


Edits Needed?


Sign Up Form



Updated promo codes


Need to re-opt in

We recommend logging in & getting those features back up and running ASAP so there's no delay in your marketing.

If you are not using Adroll, this is the end of the migration process for your account.

Step 5: Adroll & Reporting

After we reach out with our last from Step 4, we ask you to respond back with confirmation that your new site on your new platform is live.

Once we receive confirmation that the new site is live, we then have our team work on migrating your Adroll account & relaunching your ads.

During this step, we are also keeping an eye on your reporting and tracking to ensure that everything is properly connected.

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