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Springbot's Cancellation & Refund Policies
Springbot's Cancellation & Refund Policies
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Cancellation Policy

Springbot's service is non-contractual, however it is a month to month subscription that does require you to take action in order to either cancel or downgrade your account.

You also are responsible of holding knowledge of when your billing cycle renews, as any downgrade or cancellation must be done prior to this in order to prevent renewal charges. At the point of first payment, the customer agrees to Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy.

If you wish to cancel your account fully, you will follow all steps to cancel/downgrade your account here.

Simply uninstalling/removing our app does NOT alert our team, as to why we require the action taken.

To remove or downgrade an add-on feature or service, you will need to follow all steps here.

Legacy Billing Cancellation Process & Policy

If you wish to cancel your account fully, you must submit request via form here or email us at and we will follow up with confirmation on when your shutdown date will be (at the end of your current billing cycle). Simply uninstalling/removing our app does NOT alert our team, as to why we require the action taken.

To remove or downgrade an add-on feature or service, we require written notice to before the upcoming invoice, and it will continue as a month-to-month add-on if notice is not provided.

Refund Policy

As stated in our Terms of Use, we do not provide a refund under any circumstance. This includes:

  • Compliance Issues related to our Acceptable Use Policy: We also reserve the right to disable or deactivate any account if our Compliance Team finds that a user has abused our system in any way.

  • Account Activity, Adoption, & Integration Responsibility: At Springbot, we are proud to offer our app with 24/7 accessibility to all our valued customers. Once subscribed, it's essential to understand that the responsibility for active engagement, periodic monitoring, and ensuring seamless integration rests with the store owner. Please access your account at

  • Feature Installation & Integration:To derive the full benefits of certain features, integration with eCommerce platforms is necessary. However, the upkeep, updates, and seamless functioning of these integrations is the responsibility of the customer. Should you face any challenges, we encourage you to involve our support team. Please be aware that Springbot cannot be held accountable for any missed alerts and, as such, will not provide refunds. Situations encompassed by this include, but are not limited to:

    • Uninstallation of the app

    • Platform migration

    • Changes to the site URL

    • Contact updates

    • Removal of webhooks by platform or customer

    • DNS, Branding, or White Label modifications, and more.

We appreciate your understanding and are always here to assist with any concerns.

Non-Payment / Overdue Billing Policy

If an account becomes overdue, it is the customer's responsibility to update the payment on file in-app or via link in our overdue notice emails. Here is how to pay overdue invoices via app.

For 60 days, we reach out to the billing contact on file via email, send in-app messages and email registered users within the app. It is the business's responsibility to update our team when the billing contact changes to ensure all notifications are received in a timely manner.

If your account hits 60 days overdue or has 3 overdue invoices, it will be fully shutdown, unless otherwise discussed with our team.

At that point, to become an active customer again, you will be required to submit payment for the overdue invoices and will register as a new account as the prior one has been shutdown fully including past actions cleared and users removed from Springbot's system.

Disputes and Refunds Policy:

At Springbot, we are committed to providing transparent and fair policies to our valued customers. This section outlines our policy regarding disputes and refunds for services rendered, including disputes related to overdue invoices and credit card charges.

1. Disputes for Overdue Invoices:

  • In some cases, customers may have outstanding invoices for services rendered during their active subscription with Springbot. We make every effort to collect these unpaid balances even after an account has been canceled.

  • We reserve the right to continue our collection efforts and maintain the validity of any overdue invoices that are successfully collected after an account has been canceled. Customers are encouraged to engage with our billing department to address any outstanding payment concerns.

2. Disputes for Credit Card Charges:

  • For payments made through credit card transactions, our system adheres to the liability shift rule, which applies to payments that are successfully authenticated using 3D Secure or equivalent cryptograms such as Apple Pay or Google Pay in some cases.

  • If a cardholder disputes a payment processed using 3D Secure or an equivalent cryptogram as fraudulent, the liability for the disputed charge should shift from Springbot to the card issuer as per the liability shift rule.

  • Springbot will cooperate with card issuers and provide any necessary information or documentation to support the legitimacy of the transaction. However, the final decision regarding the dispute will be determined by the card issuer, and Springbot will adhere to their resolution.

We understand that disputes can arise, and we are committed to assisting our customers in addressing any concerns they may have. If you have questions or need clarification on a disputed charge, please contact us at

Please note that this policy is subject to change, and any updates will be posted on our website. We encourage our customers to review this policy periodically to stay informed of our current practices and procedures regarding disputes and refunds.


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