Getting Started: Containers & Content Modules

To start building your Email Campaign, select the Element icon in the top left corner of the email editor page. You will see Containers and Content drop down menus. Containers are the place holders for your Email Campaign design.

Content modules are the design elements of the campaign that will live within Containers. Always start with a Container to add new Content into. (Ex: Drag 1 Column into your design and then drag the Image module into the 1 Column.)

Container Style Manager

Each time you drag and drop a new Container Module, you will see the Style Manager appear in the left sidebar. Here you can make changes to the padding, background colors, add a border and more.

Image Module

To place an image in your email campaign, drag an Image Module into the email design. Double click on the placeholder image and then select the image you want to place from your computer. The Style Manager for your image will appear in the left sidebar.

Under Image Settings, you can:

  • Upload a different image

  • Delete the current image

  • Add an image link

  • Write any Alternative Text (alternative information for an image if a user for some reason cannot view it (because of slow connection, or if the user uses a screen reader). For example, if your logo fails to load a user would see “Logo” in its place.)

Under Size & positioning, you can:

  • Adjust the Image's size. The Springbot Default Email width is 600px. If you would like the image to fit the entire width of the email, type 600 px in the width box or type "auto."

  • Add padding to the image

  • Align the image left, center, right, or inline

Under Borders & backgrounds, you can:

  • Change the style of the image's corners (for a rounded corner, type 90 in the radius input boxes)

  • Add a styled border

  • Add a color to the image's background

Button Module

The Button Module allows you to create a call-to-action button such as "Shop Now" or "Learn More" which you can link back to your website, blog, or a specific product page. Once you drag a Button Module into your template, you can adjust the button copy, URL, and any styling settings in the Style Manager on the left sidebar.

Social Module

If you've filled out your social styling and links in Store Branding, the social module will automatically apply the colors and links when you drag over the Social Module. If you haven't completed store branding, you can add your social links and style your icons on the left sidebar in the Style Manager. If you need to delete an icon, just deleted the pre-populated URL.

Text Module

To add text to your campaign, drag and drop the Text module. Double click on the text box to make any changes to the copy and positioning using the tool bar. You can also adjust padding and background color in the Style Manager.

Product Module

The Product Module allows you to dynamically pull in product images and information from your store's catalog. You can search for products by name or SKU, or select products based on Top Revenue, Top Views, or Top Abandons. This module will automatically pull in the default product image, and allows for additional text (i.e., product name, price, description) to be added as well.

The product image and Button will link back to the product page on your site. To edit what product information shows, head to the Style Manager and your options will be to include Name, Price, Short Description, Full Description, and whether or not to include a button.

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