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Review Your Automation Header and Footer
Review Your Automation Header and Footer

Your header and footer content applies to all of your Automations.

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Before getting started, confirm that your Store Branding is complete. We dynamically pull in this content into your Header and Footer. This header and footer will appear only appear on your automations. You can create a header and footer for your email campaigns as well by going to Marketing > Templates > Content Blocks


Your header is the first impression of your email. We will dynamically pull in the banner image you have added in your Store Branding, but you can change this image by double-clicking into the image module.

Navigation Links

Navigation Links create a navigation section so that subscribers can easily navigate to key areas of your site directly from your email. This is a great opportunity to align your branding from your website to your email campaigns. As a reminder, we will dynamically pull in what you have added in your Store Branding, but you can edit this information by clicking into the Navbar.

Email Body

The [[email_body]] section will be edited uniquely for your individual Automations later on. Please do not edit or remove this section.


Social Icons
Giving subscribers the opportunity to connect with your brand through your social networks is a great way to build awareness and give potential shoppers a chance to learn more about you through another channel. We'll dynamically pull in what you filled out during Store Branding here, but you can always edit this content by clicking into the Social module.

Footer Text

Please note for your Footer, you must have the [[store_address]] and [[unsubscribe]] tags included. It's essential that you do not remove these tags, as they will dynamically fill in with the correct information for you. If these tags are removed your emails will not send.

Privacy Policy

You have the option to add a link to your Privacy Policy. If you do not wish to include this please remove this text.

When you're all finished, click the Floppy Disk icon in the top right corner of the editor to Save your work.

Now that you've completed your Automations master template, it's time to start editing and turning your Automations!

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