Dynamic Lists

Creating Dynamic Lists and using them in Email Campaigns.

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With Dynamic Lists you can select your list and segments to include and exclude then save your choices for later. Update them anytime and we'll automatically refresh the recipients every day.

Dynamic Lists allow you to create and save a combination of email lists, included segments and excluded lists or segments all in one place. They’re reusable and automatically update every day just like segments do. Dynamic lists can be created on the Dynamic Lists page or on the Configure tab of an email campaign. You can create up to 10 dynamic lists.

Creating a Dynamic List on the Dynamic Lists Page

Manage your existing dynamic lists, or create a new list by clicking the Create New button.

Give your list a name that is a helpful reminder of the lists and segments you’ve included e.g. ‘Subscribers who have children'. In the Send to dropdown menu, select the email lists you want to include in your dynamic list. For example, All Subscribers. To include a Segment, select Add Filters and choose from the Segment By dropdown list.

Please note: Only contacts within the selected segment or segments who are also in the email list will be included.

Creating a Dynamic List on the Email Configure Tab

You also have the option to create a dynamic list during the email campaign creation process. From the Configure tab in your campaign draft, navigate to Create new dynamic list towards the bottom and follow the same creation steps above.

Sending to a Dynamic List

On the Configure page of your campaign, navigate to Send to. Here you can select from previously created dynamic lists or create one from scratch.

How Dynamic Lists Update

  • All dynamic lists are automatically synced when they are first created

  • All dynamic lists sync every day at midnight (unless they have already been synced in the last 18 hours)

  • If you need to sync your dynamic list before midnight, you can select to manually sync a list from the menu on the dynamic lists page. Click on the dropdown menu on the dynamic list you would like to sync. Then select "Manually Sync" and confirm the Manual Sync in the pop up.

Note: you can manually sync your dynamic lists up to 10 times within a 24 hour period

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