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Product Recommendations in Automations
Product Recommendations in Automations

Utilize the product recommendation module in Automations and understand the difference between Product Recommendations and Product Module.

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Product Recommendations is a module offered for your automated emails & allows you to cross-sell and promote products directly from the website.

To include Product Recommendations in an automated email that doesn't already have them, find the product recommendations module on the left hand side & drag and drop it into your email.

You'll notice that your products aren't visible from within the editor - however, products will be shown to your customers when these emails actually send.

You have the ability to customize the products that appear. Simply click on one of the "Your image goes here" boxes - click the blue up arrow - and then you'll see a blue border around the entire product module. From there navigate to the icon next to the paint brush in the upper righthand corner. The click Product Filters.

With product filters, you have the ability to choose what type of products you want displayed.

  • Top Selling: This showcases your top selling products within the last 30 days.

  • System Matched: Customers who bought Product A also bought Product B. Products frequently bought together.

  • Most Recommended: Most recommended items from previously sent emails. Springbot will auto-populate the three most recommended products based on purchase history.

You also have the ability to exclude specific product SKU's from appearing as well as exclude specific category of products from being pulled in.

Product Recommendation Module vs. Product Module

If you're wanting more control over exactly which products are being shown, we recommend avoiding using the Product Recommendation module & instead utilize the Product module - which will allow you to choose products to showcase, rather than leaving it to an algorithm.

Simply drag over a one, two or three column (depends how many products you want to showcase) & then drag the Product module into each column. You can choose which product to show and you can also edit the text as well as the button.

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