Automations Settings
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You can access the settings for your automations directly from the automations dashboard using the "settings" button or remember, you can go to "store settings" from the top right navigation menu.

From Name

This is the name that your email will come from when sent to a customer.

Default Customer Name

If you do not have the name on file for the customer who is receiving this email, this is how we will greet them in the email if you use the [[customer_first_name]] or [[customer_full_name]] dynamic tag.

Demo Email Address

When your automations are in demo mode and you are testing, this is the email address that will receive those test emails.

Email Domain Blacklists

These are email domains to not include in your triggered emails. If your staff does not want to receive your marketing emails, you can blacklist your company domain here.

Complete Order Status

This is the status that you use within your store to show that a customer has purchased and their order is on the way. Be sure to choose the last step here as we don't want to email customers too early for an after-purchase.

Exclude Segments

You can create segments of customers to exclude from receiving your automated emails if you'd like. You would choose those segments here in order to exclude them.

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