Replenishment Automation

Automatically remind customers to reorder products before they run out.

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If you sell products that customers order on a consistent basis, such as skincare, makeup, food, beverages, etc., we highly recommend creating this flow!

First, you will want to hover over the Marketing tab, click Automations, and then click on the Replenish automation.

If you don't see a Replenishment flow in your dashboard, you can click to create a new automation and choose the Replenish option from the template library.

You can designate the name of this flow by filling in the Automation Name box. This is internal and will only be seen by your team, not your customers. If you plan on creating multiple replenishment flows, having a specific name would be helpful.

You'll start by clicking on Trigger Step (when someone...) and fill out the filters provided on the left hand side. The Filter Type will automatically be chosen as "Product," but you do have the ability to change that to a segment or category. Segment allows you to choose a segment of your audience to receive this email - however, that will decrease the number of visitors we can send this to.

For best practice, we recommend choosing Category (which will allow you to choose from various categories on the website) or leaving it as Product (which will allow you to choose specific products on the website.)

From there, the filter automatically is set as "included," which we recommend keeping. You'll then want to type in either your website category name (if you chose category) or your product name (if you chose the product.) You will type this in the field where it asks "Search Product Name or SKU."

If you're wanting to choose multiple products or categories, you will want to click on the OR button. This means if a customer purchase product X OR product Y, they will receive the email. If you're just wanting to choose a single product or category, you can delete the second filter.

After that, you will click on the Timing Step and then set the delay. We recommend basing this timing off however long it typically takes a customer to go through your product and need a replacement, i.e., 30 days.

Next, you'll see a Conditional Step which is the step where we ensure your customer hasn't purchased any of the replenishable products within the time you've chosen. This ensures we aren't sending them an email if they just restocked.

You will want to click on the Conditional Step & add the same products on the left hand side as you did previously with the Trigger step. You will also want to make sure the timing on the left hand side matches your Timing step.

Essentially, we're just making such products & timing match what we've already entered previously.

Now we need to edit the actual email! Click on the Action Step & then the pen & paper icon. Our replenishment email template shouldn't require editing and it should automatically bring in the products you've chosen when they send - but if you did want to add your own personal touches, you can make those changes!

After that, you will just want to save and turn on your flow from the Automations dashboard!

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