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Understanding the Automations Dashboard
Understanding the Automations Dashboard

Where to find your Automation Flows data & reporting and see what automated emails are sending.

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Understanding the Dashboard

Automations Section

This section is an overview of all of your Automation Flows. Every Automation will have 3 statuses - On, Off, and Demo. Simply click the toggle next to each one to change the status of your Automation:

  • On - This Automation is live and sending to your customers

  • Off - This Automation is off and not sending to anyone (including your internal team)

  • Demo- This Automation is only being sent to you, or the email you have designated to receive Demo Mode emails in your Master Settings. The flow is NOT being sent to customers.

Editing the flow status controls all actions within the flow. For example, turning off the Abandoned Cart automation will turn off all 3 actions associated with this flow.

Actions Section

The Actions section shows the individual Actions that are included in each Automation Flow. For example, the Abandoned Cart Flow below has 3 associated Actions:

Viewing Sent & Scheduled Automated Emails

To find what emails are sent and to which customers, scroll down to your Actions table.

Click on the three dots next to left of the On status for the email you are wanting information on. From there, select Scheduled emails.

Scheduled Email Statuses

The recipient's email is the person receiving the specific email you're viewing. If the status is scheduled, that means it will send once the designated timing has been met.

Different flows may have different statuses. For instance, on an Abandoned Cart email you may see that status Cart Purchased, which means the customer bought the items in their cart before we could send out an email.


This section shows performance for the last 30 days of your individual emails/actions within your Automation Flows.

To view a full report of your automations results and performance, click the "view full analysis" button on the bottom right of the dashboard. This reflects the overall performance of all of your Automations. You can view this by either Revenue or Orders. The default time frame is the Last 7 Days, but you can change this to the Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, or Year to Date.

How To Know if your Automated Emails are Sending:

  • First, look at if any have sent in the past 30 days. If not, or if it looks low:

    • Check if you have any filters limiting the emails from flowing (so scroll up to the Flows -> click edit -> then the "When Someone" block to view filters.

    • Ensure your Automation settings, including Order Status' are set up correctly. Compare to your store's platform backend.

    • Confirm on your Reports Dashboard we are pulling in purchase data. If not, check Cart Installation.

    • At that point, we recommend placing test orders and/or testing any "trigger" situations.

  • For Welcome Flows, download your All Subscribers list. You can sort by "Source" to see most recent subscribers coming from your sign up forms. A reminder that a Welcome Automation only sends to new subscribers who subscribe only through Springbot pop up or embedded forms.

  • For Abandoned Carts, remember that we can only capture the email address if they abandoned at the actual checkout step where they have already entered their email address on a browser we are allowed to capture cookie data.

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