Confirmation Automation

The Confirmation Automation is only mandatory for customers that reside in countries that must abide by GDPR restrictions.

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Springbot's Confirmation Automation is directly connected to your Sign Up Form. When someone signs up for your list via your Springbot Pop-Up or Embedded form, this will trigger your Confirmation Automation to begin.

The confirmation flow is setup to give your customers multiple chances to confirm their subscription, so they can be added to your email list. If they do confirm, we then send a welcome message to those new subscribers and perhaps give offer a discount code as a thank you for subscribing!

Enabling GDPR Restrictions

You will first want to designate to Springbot that you'd like to enable our double opt-in confirmation. You can do so by clicking on Store Settings, scrolling to Email Settings, checking the double opt-in box and then save.

Editing & Activating Your First Confirmation Email

Then, you will want to hover over the Automations tab under Marketing & then click into the Confirmation flow under the Automations table. This does not appear until the first step is taken. This will replace your Welcome Flow, so you will no longer need that on.

Click on the Trigger Step that says "When someone...". You will see that this flow is triggered whenever a subscriber is added to Springbot. You can edit the timing of this action on the left-hand side. We recommend 1-5 minutes.

Next, click into the Action Step. This action is the first email that will be sent in this flow sequence. On the left, you have the ability to rename this email (for internal purposes) - you can also edit the subject line, preheader text & other configure information.

To edit the content of your email, click on the pen & paper icon on the left side. You'll want to keep this email simple, so the main focus is pulled towards that confirmation button. However, feel free to add a few sentences about why the customer should subscribe - like how they'll miss out on great deals, exclusive product releases, etc.

Remember, when editing these emails you don't have to include your logo/nav bar or footer information because those branding elements will automatically be applied via your Automations Header & Footer Template.

Once we're done with this email, click Save and exit in the top-righthand corner.

Conditional Step

This Conditional step splits your flow into 2 distinct paths, depending on whether the recipient of the previous action meets the condition:

  • If they confirmed their email with the first reach-out, we send them a welcome email.

  • If they did not confirm their email, they will be sent another confirmation email.

Editing & Activating Your Second Confirmation Email

Select the next Action step (after the Conditional step). Because this email will only be sent to those recipients of the first reach-out who did NOT confirm their email, remember to edit the Subject Line and Preheader Text for this email to make it stand apart from your first email. We also recommend adding more urgency to the inside of the email - letting them know this is their last chance to confirm!

Click the pen and paper icon in the lefthand panel to edit the design of this email. Remember to include the same promo code offered in the previous email if you offered one.

Once you've completed your edits, hit Save and exit at the top.

Editing & Activating Your Welcome Email

Next we'll head back to the flow view and click on the Action step to the left of the Conditional step. Your Welcome email is a great opportunity to make a first impression of your brand, and let new subscribers know what they can expect to hear from you now that they are on your list.

Click the pen and paper icon in the lefthand panel to edit the design of this email.

There is placeholder text for a promo code in this email template, so you'll want to be sure and edit this email! Please note that you will need to create any coupon codes directly in your store platform first before sharing them with subscribers via this email. Once you've completed your edits, hit Save and exit at the top.

Lastly, click save at the top and be sure to toggle this flow ON to begin sending!

As a reminder, the Confirmation Flow will only send to those who signup via a Springbot Signup Form. Make sure your Signup Form is Active or properly embedded on your site to ensure that the Confirmation and Welcome Email will send to all newly acquired subscribers.

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