Timing Step Configuration

How the timing step in Automations work and how to use them in your Automation Flows.

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The Timing Step designates the time delay between a Trigger Step and an Action. It’s important to consider the timing of each Action in your Flow as it relates to the behavior that initiated the Automation sequence. The Timing Step is required in all Flows.

For example, the Abandoned Cart Flow includes two Timing Steps:

  • First Timing Step: Send Abandoned Cart Email 3 hours after a customer abandons a cart.

  • Second Timing Step: Send a follow up Abandoned Cart Email 1 Day after a customer abandons a cart and has not made a purchase.

How to Add a Timing Step

  1. After the Trigger Step, drag the Delay by… module into your Automation Flow.

  2. Now that the Timing Step is in your flow, click on it to open the left-side panel.

  3. Here you can specify the timing of when the next action (email) will occur. The timing can be set to minutes, hours or days.

  4. Click Done to exit the timing step to continue building your flow!

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