Action Step Configuration

Including Action Steps in Automation Flows.

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The Action Step is the email that will send based on your trigger step, timing and any conditional criteria the recipient must meet before you’d like to send the shopper or customer an email.

Adding an Email Action Step:

Drag the Take action! module from the left panel into your flow. Once the Action Step is added to your flow, click into the Action module so it’s highlighted green. Please note an Action can only be added after the Trigger and Timing steps.

This will prompt you to name your Action in the left panel. Be sure to name it something that relates to the Action you’re taking, such as Welcome Email.

Next, click on Action Step and on the left panel and choose Email. You will now see your Configure Settings:

  • From Name & From Email Address: this will automatically populate what you have listed in your Settings

  • Subject Line: you can select a default subject line, or you can create your own using the Other option from the drop down menu

  • Preheader Text: this text is a preview the recipient will see on their desktop or mobile device. We encourage adding a blurb here that will capture the reader’s attention and entice them to open your email!

  • Default Customer Name: if we don't know a shoppers first or last name, this is how you will "greet" them. Valued Customer, Shopper and Friend all work great here, but you can also use a more personalized name if it fits your brand.

  • Domain Blacklist: This will populate from your Settings

  • Demo Email Address: This will populate from your Settings

Click on the pencil icon to be taken to the email editor to edit the content of this email action.

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