After Purchase Automation

The After Purchase flow will be triggered whenever a customer makes a purchase from you.

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This flow includes two email actions: the first email is sent 1 day after their purchase, the second email is sent 14 days after their purchase. This flow is a great way to automatically follow up with your customers after their most recent purchase. You can use this flow sequence to:

  • Ask customers to review the items they recently bought

  • Encourage shoppers to engage with you on social media

  • Provide helpful care and maintenance tips for special items

  • Recommend other items shoppers might be interested in

Editing & Activating Your First After-Purchase Email

Our Automation templates include things like placeholder text for promo codes, so you'll want to edit each individual email for all of your Automations! To get started, hover over the Marketing tab, select Automations & then click into the After Purchase flow under the Automations table:

Click on the Trigger Step that says "When someone...". You will see that this flow is triggered whenever a purchase is made. You can edit the timing of this action on the left-hand side if you click on the timing block.

Next, click into the Action Step. This action is the first email that will be sent in this flow sequence. On the left, you have the ability to rename this email (for internal purposes) - you can also edit the subject line, preheader text & other configure information.

To edit the content of your email, click on the pen & paper icon on the action block. The first After Purchase email is a great opportunity to thank your customer for their recent purchase. You can also include FAQs, rewards program information, or any other information that would be helpful to a customer after a purchase.

Remember, when editing these emails you don't have to include your logo/nav bar or footer information because those branding elements will automatically be applied via our Master Template.

Our templates also include Product Recommendations that you can use to cross-sell other products. To activate these, click into the Product Recommendations module, and click into Product Filters under Component Settings on the right side:

From there, you can choose which category of products you want displayed.

Please note: Your Product Recommendations won't populate in the editor, but you can see an example by choosing the preview button in the bottom left corner!

Once you're done editing the first email of this flow, click save and exit in the top right corner! You can always quickly preview what this email action looks like by clicking the eye icon in the action step.


Editing & Activating Your Second After Purchase Email

To edit the second email of this flow, click into the next Action Step and click the pen and paper icon. The template for this email redirects the customer to the product page on your website so they can leave a review! You will need existing review functionality on your site for customers to leave a review. You can find review apps via your shopping cart platform app store, there are free and paid versions available.

Remember to edit the product recommendations the same way we illustrated above for your first After Purchase email!

Alternatively, you can also redirect customers to Facebook or Google to leave a review. Copy the URL of where you want to send them, and hyperlink it to both the image and the button in the template. If reviews aren't your priority, feel free to edit this email to your liking! You can also delete an icon by clicking the trash can icon in the action step. Also, be mindful of the timing of this second email. Depending on your products and shipping times, you may need to increase the timing of this email.

Lastly, click save on the left and be sure to toggle this flow ON to begin sending!

FAQs for the After Purchase Flow:

1. Why aren't my After Purchase or Product Specific Automation Emails sending?

  • Our recommendation is to always first check your order status and what is considered a completed order. You can do this by going to the Automations -> Settings page, and seeing what our system has listed. Compare that to your store's platform backend, and you may need to add more options within Springbot.

  • Next, make sure the product you have selected is actually visible and pulling into Springbot's system. Do this by simply going to Reports -> Products and searching the product. There you can see if the SKU/product you have selected is the correct one.

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