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SMS Setup: Keyword & Welcome Auto-Response
SMS Setup: Keyword & Welcome Auto-Response

New to SMS? Start here! Create your keyword & welcome reply that subscribers receive once they subscribe to your keyword.

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To get started with Springbot SMS, you will need to:

  1. Add SMS to your monthly subscription plan (steps here)

  2. Adding a phone module to your Springbot sign-up form (steps here)

    1. a reminder that this does require Springbot eCommerce platform integration

  3. Understand that any existing lists you already have, you will need to re opt-in once you set up a Keyword and are approved for toll-free messaging.

SMS Keyword marketing allows you to create a custom keyword and personalize the Welcome Response that subscribers receive when they text your keyword to subscribe to your keyword list.

Aside from the initial setup that is explained in this article, you will need to fill out the toll-free number verification form. Please note this step MUST be completed in order to send an SMS campaign.

A keyword is a word or phrase that contacts will text to sign up for your keyword list. The keyword you create will be unique to your store. People can subscribe to your keyword list by texting your keyword to your toll-free number. Example of a keyword: For more updates like this, text PEACEPETALS21 to (123) 456-7891 to join our SMS Marketing List!

The initial setup begins on the Store Settings page in the upper right-hand drop-down menu. There are a few settings you'll need to configure to get started:

  • Mobile Test Number: Here you can verify your mobile number to receive SMS previews. This number will not be visible to subscribers and is for preview purposes only. Once you submit your number and select Verify, you will receive an SMS Confirmation Auto-Reply requiring you to text YES to confirm you want to receive messages.

  • Support Contact Method: When a subscriber texts Help to your keyword, they will receive an auto-reply that provides support information and your compliance message. Here you can select a support email or a support phone number.

  • Support Phone Number or Email: Enter the phone or email information for subscribers to get in touch with you for support.

Create Keyword & Welcome Auto-Response

Next, you will go to Audience > SMS Keywords and click "Create Keyword". Follow through the steps to create a keyword.

Once you have created a Keyword, you cannot change the Keyword, Store Name, Message Frequency, or any compliance terms. You can delete a Keyword, however, this will delete any SMS subscribers you have in that Keyword List.

Keyword tips:

  • Keep it short! The longer a keyword is, the harder it will be for potential new subscribers to type it in correctly to subscribe.

  • Keep it relevant. Make sure the keyword is compatible and relevant to your store name or brand.

  • You can include letters A - Z, and numbers 0 - 9. But remember to keep it simple!

  • Keywords are not case-sensitive. We will automatically uppercase all keywords to prevent any errors when contacts are subscribing.

Once you've created your keyword, you'll need to enter the following information:

  • Store Name: Your Store Name will be used in several auto-replies (Welcome, Help & Stop) to remind contacts who you are.

  • Description: The Description is used to let your SMS subscribers know what type of content you will be sending them. Descriptions like Promotions, Updates, or Alerts all work great here!

  • Message Frequency: Determine how often you will be contacting your subscribers in a monthly period. Your message frequency i.e., (6 msgs/mo) will be included in your Compliance Message so subscribers can anticipate how often they will be hearing from you. Please note that if you set this frequency to a certain number and your customers opt into this frequency, you can not send them more than the frequency that they opted into. The frequency in your keyword will not be editable once you save and close.

Compliance Settings

  • Privacy Policy URL: Copy and paste the privacy policy page from your website. This will automatically be added to the Terms of Service page that Springbot auto-generates with each Keyword’s Compliance Terms.

  • Terms of Service: In compliance with CTIA and TCPA Guidelines, certain terms and conditions must be listed within your compliance message for your SMS Marketing Program. We've made this easy by creating a dynamic landing page that includes your Keyword, Toll-Free Number, Business Name, Support, and Message Frequency information. This page is automatically generated. If you'd like to manually add the necessary information to your own Terms of Service, you can do so and then replace your own link with the pre-generated link.

  • Compliance Message: A Compliance Message is required to be shown anywhere that you advertise your Keyword SMS Marketing Program. It is also automatically included at the end of every auto-reply, like your welcome response. We recommend copying your compliance message if you plan to add a banner to your website or send an email to promote your keyword. You can also copy this later in Campaigns > SMS Keywords.

Welcome Auto-Response

Your Welcome Auto-Response is the automated outbound message sent to users who subscribe to your keyword list. Your welcome message is a great opportunity to thank new SMS subscribers for joining and offer a promo code or incentive. Remember to keep your welcome message short and valuable! This message is considered a Compliance Message so this does not count towards your monthly send cap.

Dynamic Tags: This drop-down includes the Dynamic Tags that can be used within this auto-reply:

  • [[store_url]]: Uses the Main URL of your Store field from your Store Settings. When using this tag, your store URL will be sent as a shortened trackable link.

  • [[store_name]]: Uses the Store Name field in your Store Settings.

  • [[coupon]]: If you add the [[coupon]] Dynamic Tag to your auto-reply, you also have to select the corresponding Unique Coupon Campaign. (Learn more on how to upload and create Unique Coupon Campaigns here.) If you'd like to include a Static Coupon i.e.., HELLO10 or WELCOME5, you can type that in instead of selecting it from a Coupon Campaign.

If you need to edit your welcome response later, you can do so by navigating to the keyword list in Campaigns > SMS Keywords.

You're all set! Next, please make sure you remember to fill out the toll-free verification form. This MUST BE completed before you can send an SMS campaign. Once this form is submitted, it may take a few business days for us to get your number verified. Please be patient with us during this time as the steps for verifying toll-free numbers is a very secure process. We will let you know once your number is verified and you are good to send a campaign.

We recommend focusing on growing your SMS subscribers list by adding a phone module to your Springbot sign-up form, adding a banner to your website, letting your email subscribers know, and sharing on social media!

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