Unique Coupon Codes

Upload unique coupon codes to use in Automations, SMS and Onsite Abandonment.

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Unique Coupon Codes allow you to have greater control over the distribution of coupon codes.

Unique vs Generic Coupon Codes

A Generic Coupon Code is a promo or discount code that can be used by multiple shoppers. This is usually a more simple code setup like GET10OFF or HELLO20 for example.

A Unique Coupon Code can only be used one time, by one shopper. The front end or root of the code can be the same across every code, but there will be a unique identifier at the end of the code to make it unique. For instance, you could have the root of the code be SAVE but for each unique code, it could look like this: SAVE8297, SAVE9145, SAVE1294, etc.

Creating Unique Coupon Codes

First, you will need to create the unique coupon codes in your eCommerce store so that you can export a CSV and then quickly upload them to your Springbot dashboard. The process is a little different depending on your shopping cart provider. We have listed links to articles below that walk through this process for each of our integrations - check them out below:

When you export the CSV file of your unique coupon codes from your eCommerce store, there might be different column headers in the file, depending on the shopping cart you use. Springbot only needs the first column to have the Coupon Code, and the column header must be code (written exactly, as seen below). If your file has excess information, you will need to delete that information from the CSV prior to uploading to Springbot.

Import Your Unique Coupon Code CSV

Click Email at the top of your dashboard and then click Coupons.

Then click New Campaign to the far right:

Here is where you can name your coupon code campaign and upload your CSV of unique coupon codes. You might want to name the campaign similar to the name you used to create these coupons in your eCommerce store so it's easier to track and recall later! When you're all set, click Upload.

Inserting Your Code Into Your Automations

Next, navigate to your Automations dashboard. Click on the Automation where you'd like to use unique coupon codes:

Once you're in the flow, find the Action step, and then click the pen & paper icon to add your unique coupon code to this action email.

To add unique coupon codes to your Automation, place the dynamic tag [[coupon]] in a text module or button module:

Once you've added the [[coupon]] tag, you'll see an option to select a Coupon Campaign on the left-hand side:

Select the name of the Coupon Code campaign you want to associate with this Automation. Once all of these steps are completed, click Save! When this email sends to your shoppers, it will now include a Unique Coupon Code in the body of the email.

Keep your coupon codes stocked!

To ensure that you never run out of coupon codes, the springbots recommend that you upload at least 500 unique coupon codes when creating a new campaign. This minimum will differ from store to store depending on the number of automations you send. If Springbot runs out of unique coupon codes for a particular email, then we will NOT to send that Automation out anymore until you add new codes.

What if I run out of unique coupon codes in Springbot?

If you do run out of unique coupon codes, we’ll notify you in two ways. We'll send you an email notification letting you know that you have 200 (or less) remaining coupon codes for a particular automation; and second, we will show you an alert on the main Automations page.

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