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Billing for Add-On Features Overview
Billing for Add-On Features Overview

Learn about when you want to upgrade, downgrade, or remove add-on features like Email Sends, Onsite Abandonment Matches, or SMS Messages.

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In addition to Springbot's subscriptions, we offer add-on features for when you are either in-between subscription tiers or are ready to take our Growth Plan to the next level. These add-on features include:

  • Email Campaign Sends

  • Onsite Abandonment Matches

  • SMS Messages

Overview of Features

Email Campaign Sends

Our subscriptions, when it comes to email campaign "limits" or "caps", are only based on how many emails you actually send. So, let's say you an email list of 5,000 contacts and send two newsletters per month, your send cap would be:

5,000 x 2 = 10,000 Email Send Cap per Month

If you had a much larger email list of 30,000 and send weekly New Arrival emails, it would be smart to have:

30,000 x 5 = 150,000 Email Send Cap per Month

So, if in the second scenario, you were on our growth plan which includes 100,000 sends, you would need an additional 50,000 sends per month as an add-on.

Pricing for Additional Email Sends is:

Additional Sends

Additional Cost/mo

10,000 - 90,000

$10 per 10,000















If you need more sends per month, please just reach out to our team at and we can help set that up for you!

Pricing for Additional Onsite Abandonment Matches

In the Starter and Growth Plans, Onsite Abandonment matches are already included (250 or 500) per month, so we recommend setting up and launching the feature before adding additional matches to your package.

Once you are ready to increase your matches, they will be $29 per 1,000 matches per month.

Pricing for SMS Messages

SMS feature is only available as an add-on in the Growth Plan, and can find out more on the requirements to set up the feature here.

When you are ready to take on the next marketing channel - SMS - you will just add it like the other features and it is $10 per 500 messages sent (and each tier includes 1 keyword).

To Add an Add-On Feature

When you are ready to change plans, head to our Account Billing Page by clicking your store name in the upper right corner & Subscription & Add-ons -

In order to have add-ons, you will need to be in a paid subscription (so either Starter or Growth Plan). Once you have selected that as your plan (steps here), You will have the Add-On Update module in the middle of your screen.

After you have selected the Add-Ons you wish to have in your package, you will click on the final review page " Subscribe" and then your app will refresh with updated send caps, etc.
โ€‹*This will be an immediate addition - so you will be charged a pro-rated amount and it will be added to your monthly subscription. We do not offer one time upgrades or downgrades.

Removing or Downgrading an Add-On Feature

This can be done at any point and will be an immediate change to your package/send caps across your dashboards. You would also not be able to view past actions or records if you are fully removing a feature.

Downgrading/Removing SMS or SMS Number Capture?

  1. Export List: Remember to export your SMS subscriber list by going to Audience -> SMS Keywords -> Export List.

  2. Remove any messaging in Sign Up Forms or Automations because the opt-in option will no longer work.

When you do either downgrade to Freemium or Starter, the access to SMS reporting, subscriber lists & ability to capture new subscribers, and the phone number itself will be cancelled.

If you have any questions regarding pricing, billing process, or add-on features, please reach out to us via chat or email at

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