What is Onsite Abandonment?

Learn about our Onsite Abandonment tool that helps you reach window shoppers!

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With a growing number of eCommerce stores to choose from, consumers are becoming increasingly selective with their online shopping behaviors. Whether it’s site-hopping for the right price or browsing for the best product, the average online shopper visits nearly three sites before completing a transaction.

These days, 86% of consumers are more likely to engage with a brand if it delivers personalized marketing messages. If your eCommerce site isn’t equipped with the proper tools to capture the data needed to send these messages, you’re bound to lose customers – it’s that simple.

With Onsite Abandonment, SMB retailers can actively target both unknown site visitors and current customers with customized marketing, thereby driving conversions.


Onsite Abandonment, allows retailers to capture the data of site visitors who don’t complete a transaction and send them an email.

  • UNIQUE VISITOR MATCHING: When an online shopper visits your site, Springbot captures their data and matches it to an email address in the Springbot Exchange.

  • PERSONALIZED EMAIL: Once there is a match, Springbot delivers a customized email to the consumer on behalf of the retailer.

  • EMAIL SUBSCRIBER LIST GROWTH: If the recipient engages with the email, Springbot then adds their information to the merchant’s contact list.


One of the biggest challenges SMB eCommerce retailers face is converting casual website shoppers into active subscribers. Onsite Abandonment gives merchants access to the data they need to engage with consumers who were previously beyond reach. Having accessibility to such consumers is a potential goldmine for SMB retailers.


Ready to turn casual site visitors into paying customers?

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