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Email Campaign Services Overview
Email Campaign Services Overview

Learn more about our Email Design Service which is an add-on feature that is available to all customers!

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What is Email Services?

We recognize that our customers wear several hats and may not be the best graphic designer, which is where this service comes into play. Our design team takes an idea with a couple of bullet points, then quickly transforms the information into a design that is built by email eCommerce experts.

How does it work?

Every first Monday of the month, we send an email containing a link to a form that you will fill out when you are ready for your email to be designed. The link never changes, but we do refresh some of the topics.

In this form, we ask for:

Store Name

Topic to focus on

Promo Codes / Discount that the code applies to

Sale Dates

Products/Categories to include


Images/GIFS (no videos)

You fill out the form as many times as you have emails in your package.

Once that is submitted, our design team asks for 2-3 business days to create the first draft, then we will send an email to you once created! It will include Subject Line, Pre-Header Text and a preview of the email.
If there are any edits, let us know by replying to that email. Edits only take 1-2 business days OR you can reply with "ready to go" and let us know what day/time you want the email sent, and we will take care of that for you! If a time is not specified, we will send it on the day that the email is approved during an industry-standard 'good time to send' for that day of the week.

Anything else to know?

Refund/Roll Over Policy: Because we want to deliver on our promises to all customers, we are unable to provide refunds or "roll overs" on any unused email requests. We recommend setting a reminder on your calendar to submit a week before an email needs to be sent, and if you need to ask for an advance - that is perfectly fine!

The emails themselves are built as large graphics and are owned by the 3rd part design team. The Springbot team does not have access to make edits to these, so any small changes will need to be submitted through the editing process.

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