How to Migrate to AdRoll Direct

How to transition your profile from Springbot to AdRoll Direct.

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Steps to Move An Account to AdRoll Direct

  1. Confirm with the Springbot team via that you wish to migrate your profile.

  2. Create a new profile in AdRoll + update your payment method there.

  3. Contact AdRoll at & cc in that email

    1. Include the following information:

      1. Migration is from Springbot to AdRoll

      2. AdRoll EID: (SB team will provide this for you once you confirm)

      3. You have an existing profile (the one you made in step 1)

      4. Email Address of existing profile

      5. Mention payment method is uploaded

      6. Springbot team is on the email chain and approves of the transition

      7. **Note that this does take about 3-5 business days for the team there to complete.

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