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The Content Calendar

How to use Springbot's Content Calendar to see all of your scheduled marketing efforts.

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Springbot's content calendar can be found along the top navigation bar upon logging into the app.

This calendar will show U.S. holidays and e-commerce holidays that you can take advantage of with your marketing. The calendar should also show scheduled social posts, scheduled email campaigns and scheduled AdRoll ads.

For scheduled content that has yet to send, you can click on it to review or edit it before it sends to your customers.

For scheduled content that had already sent, you can click on them to review performance metrics.

You can also click the create button in the top righthand corner to begin working on an email campaign, social post or set a reminder. If you choose the reminder option, you'll have the option to schedule a reminder email for yourself, someone on your team or anyone else where you can fill in the reminder details.

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