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Importing SMS Subscribers
Importing SMS Subscribers

Transfer SMS subscribers to Springbot who have previously opted-in to receive SMS marketing from you.

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Subscriber Consent

Before importing SMS subscribers, confirm that these contacts have previously expressed their consent or opted-in to receive SMS marketing from your company.

What doesn't qualify as consent?

  • Phone numbers collected through website checkout process for order purposes only

  • Phone number lists purchased for marketing or SMS marketing purposes

Subscription Confirmation

Adding or migrating lists of SMS Subscribers to Springbot’s toll free number requires users to confirm their subscription. Springbot takes care of this by automatically sending a confirmation message once your list has finished uploading. In order for users to successfully subscribe to receive SMS messages from you through Springbot, they must reply back to the confirmation text they received with the keyword:

Once the contact confirms, they will be added to your keyword list and receive your welcome auto-response message. Users who do not confirm will have an Unconfirmed status and you will not be able to send any messages to that contact until they confirm.

Importing SMS Subscribers

Navigate to Audiance > SMS Keywords and select the keyword you would like to add SMS subscribers to. Select Add Contacts You will have two import options:

  • Manual: This option is best used for adding one subscriber at a time. For example, this would be great for adding an employee or someone internal from your company. There are fields for Name and Email, but you have the option to only import their mobile number.

  • Upload CSV: This option is recommended when migrating an existing subscriber list from another platform. You can import mobile number only, but the CSV still must be formatted with the following columns in order to upload successfully:

Once your list has finished uploading, the confirmation text will be sent for users to confirm their subscription. Once they subscribe, they will receive your welcome auto-response and will be added to your keyword list!

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