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How to Upload & Import your email lists into Springbot.

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If you already have a list of subscribers from your previous Email Service Provider (ESP), you'll want to import those existing subscribers into Springbot so you can continue emailing them.

Create a New List

To view your subscriber list and create a new list, head to Audience > Email Lists.

Click on Create List and then name your Email List. Click on Add Contacts to complete the list creation.

Here you'll see that there are 3 different ways for adding contacts to your email list:

Manual Entry

Manually add subscribers one-by-one by entering their email, first name and last name. If you only know their email address but not their name, you can leave the first and last name sections blank.

When you're finished, click Submit.

Upload CSV

If you already have a list of subscribers, you can upload them all at once. Please note that your CSV must be properly formatted before it can be uploaded (see the example screenshot below).

You will want to make sure:

  • Headers are just "Email" "First Name" "Last Name" (No other headers) on Row 1 & Columns 1, 2, and 3

  • Empty fields under first name or last name is ok, just not email

  • What you upload is CSV (not numbers or excel file)

    • You can always change an excel or numbers file to a CSV file on your desktop. Just make sure the top headers of the first 3 columns are Email, First Name, Last Name, and then delete the rest of the columns. Then export/"save as is..." as a CSV. It will then be able to upload to Springbot seamlessly.


If you'd like to create a list based on a specific segment you have created in Springbot, you can choose to add everyone in the segment to your list.

Note -- Some people in the segment may not have directly opted-in to your email list, so be cautious when choosing this option as this will add them to your list even if they have not opted-in.

Confirming Authorization to Add Subscribers to your Email List

Whenever you add a new subscriber to a list, you will need to check this box before clicking Submit. This means that you are confirming that everyone being added to your list has explicitly given you permission to email them. Springbot does not allow purchased or rented lists. If you have questions, you can refer to our company terms of use and privacy policy for more details.

If you send emails to people who have not given you permission, you are much more likely to have your email marked as spam, which can affect your reputation as a store.

If your emails have a high spam rate, your account can even be shut down and you will not legally be able to send emails anymore. We don't want that to happen!

What about my contacts who have previously unsubscribed from my email list?

You'll want to upload these contacts separately so we continue to respect their preferences and they remain unsubscribed.

This article will walk you through how to unsubscribe someone from your Springbot Email Lists: How do I Unsubscribe Someone From My Email List?

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