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Unsubscribing Contacts From Email Lists
Unsubscribing Contacts From Email Lists

How to add contacts to your Unsubscribe List and how contacts can unsubscribe.

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Each time you send out an email, your campaign will give the recipient the option to unsubscribe from future emails. You also can unsubscribe a person manually or unsubscribe several people at once.

Select Audience > Email Lists. Click on the Unsubscribe List.

You'll see all your existing unsubscribed contacts listed here. On the right, click Unsubscribe Contacts to add new people to this list. You can use the Manual option to add people one at a time, or can do a bulk upload with a CSV file.

If uploading people via CSV, make sure your CSV file is formatted properly: Email, First Name, Last Name. First and Last Name columns can be left blank, but the header must be named accordingly.

When complete, click Submit.

What Does My Contact See When They Unsubscribe?

Every email you send from Springbot must contain our unsubscribe tag [[unsubscribe]]. This allows your email recipient to unsubscribe from your email list, if they choose.

One-click Unsubscribe (default setting)

After clicking on the unsubscribe link (seen in the example above), they will be sent to a page similar to the below. The contact will have the option to click Resubscribe if they unsubscribed by mistake.

Two-click Unsubscribe

To change to 2-click unsubscribe, head to Settings -> Email Campaigns.

In the Email setup section, UN-check the "Use one click unsubscribe" box and then click Save.

When turning OFF this setting, this enables our two-click unsubscribe process. Your customers will be taken to an unsubscribe preference center where they will see the names of all lists to which they are subscribed. They will be able to manually select which lists they want to leave and which lists they want to remain active on. They will then click Save Preferences to updating their subscriptions.

Have a contact that wants to resubscribe?

The only way for a contact to resubscribe is for the shopper to resubscribe themselves - you as the store owner is unable to resubscribe or add someone to a list again. For them to add themselves back, they can:

  • Resubscribe by finding an email you had sent them, click the Unsubscribe link again, and then they will see the "resubscribe" button. Providing a subject line or from email address can be helpful

  • Subscribing via sign up form again - they may need to clear their cache and cookies to show the sign up form again if they have recently been to your website.

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