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Anniversary Automation

This flow will be triggered one year after a customer makes their first purchase from your store.

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Editing & Activating Your Anniversary Flow

First you will want to hover over the Marketing tab at the top, select Automations & then click into the Anniversary flow under the Automations table.

Click on the Trigger Step that says "When someone...". You will see that this flow is triggered when a purchase is made. The special filters applied mean that if someone has made a purchase from you 365 days ago, we'll send an anniversary email.

Next, click into the Action Step. This action is the email that will be sent in this flow sequence. On the left, you have the ability to rename this email (for internal purposes) - you can also edit the subject line, preheader text & other configure information.

To edit the content of your email, click on the pen & paper icon on the action block. This email is a great way to show customer appreciation on your customer's first anniversary with you! It is a good place to add some personal touches and give the customer a discount on their next purchase. There is placeholder text for a promo code in this template, so you'll want to be sure and edit this email!

Remember, when editing these emails you don't have to include your logo/nav bar or footer information because those branding elements will automatically be applied via your Automations Master Template.

Lastly, click save at the top and be sure to toggle this flow ON to begin sending!

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