Store Settings

This includes basic store profile information including your address. The address listed here is what is pulled in for the [[store_address]] tag in your email campaigns.

Email Setup:

  • Email Provider: Select Springbot or another option if you're using a different email service provider.

  • Default Customer Name: If you're using the [[customer_first_name]] tag and we don’t have a subscriber’s first name, this will be how you greet them in your email. Valued Customer, Friend, Shopper are all good options here.

  • Engagement Threshold: This is the amount of time that Springbot will take to determine if a subscriber is Engaged or not. For example, if a subscriber opened or clicked an email within 3 months, they would be considered an Engaged subscriber. If they have not opened an email of yours within the allocated threshold time, they would be considered Unengaged.

  • Default From Email Address: This is the email address you will send your emails from. This address must be from your store's domain.,, etc. will not be permitted here. If you need help creating an email from your store's domain, click here for additional resources.

  • Turn On Double Opt-in Email Confirmation (Optional): This feature is primarily used for stores located in the UK & EU to remain GDPR compliant. If you select this option, you’ll also need to use our Confirmation Automation. This is a double opt-in process for your new subscribers and they won’t officially be on your list until they confirm they subscribed to your list via the confirmation email they receive. This applies to all new subscribers who sign up for your email list via your Pop Up Sign Up Form or Embedded Sign Up Form.

  • Use One-Click Unsubscribe (Recommended): This activates our one-click unsubscribe feature, which allows subscribers to easily remove themselves from all your email lists with just one click. Turning off this setting enables our two-click unsubscribe process. Your customers will be taken to an unsubscribe preference center where they will see the name of all lists you currently have them subscribed to. They will be able to manually select which lists they want to leave, and which lists they want to remain active on. More information can be found here.

  • Sync Subscribers to Your Email Lists: This setting will automatically sync any contacts (guests or customers) who have the status as "Subscribed" or "Opted-in" from your shopping cart to your Springbot "All Subscribers" Email List.

Your Account - Billing & Credit Card Information

  • View your billing information and payment type on file. You can also update your credit card here:

  • Change your password.

  • Access and download previous invoices.

  • See all the stores you have setup in Springbot and update your weekly reporting subscriptions.


  • Adroll: If Adroll is a part of your Springbot package, connect this integration. Note: You will see a section that says, "Custom Checkout URL." You do not need to complete this field unless you are confident that your store has a custom checkout URL that is not the default one provided by your shopping cart. For the Facebook & Instagram fields, complete these steps and Adroll will be connected to those two channels.

  • This is a loyalty program that Springbot integrates with. If you utilize & want to connect it to Springbot, simply click on it and follow the prompts.

  • Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: Connecting your preferred social media channels will allow you to utilize Springbot's social media features - like scheduling posts and viewing engagement. More info found here.

  • Zapier: If you utilize Zapier & want to connect it to Springbot, simply click on it and follow the prompts.

  • Recaptcha: reCAPTCHA is a free service offered through Google that allows you to better protect your website from spam by providing a test to help screen out bots.

  • Google Analytics: There are a few reporting metrics (like Unique Visitors, Sessions, Bounce Rate & Session Duration) that Springbot doesn't have access to. Connecting your store's Google Analytics account will fill in those reporting gaps.

Manage Users

If you have any additional users that will be using Springbot, please add them in the Manage Users section. You can also subscribe these users to nightly or weekly Springbot reporting emails.

Store Branding

Completing this step will ensure all of your branding is consistent throughout Springbot!

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