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Schedule Social Posts for Facebook & Instagram
Schedule Social Posts for Facebook & Instagram

Schedule your first social posts from Social Streams to Facebook and Instagram

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Scheduling Your Social Posts

Hover over marketing and click on Social.

After that, you would click on the Create Post button in the top right-hand corner.

Now it's time to start creating your post! Type your message in the Post Text box and feel free to upload images, gifs or a video by clicking the image uploader icon.

DISCLAIMER: When posting to Instagram, you do only have the ability to upload one image per post. If you are posting more than one image to Facebook & select Instagram as well, Instagram will use the first image you add.

When you do upload content, you will see the ability to add Alt Text, which will show if the image is unable to render for whatever reason.

An alternative to uploading an image would be clicking the Add Linked Product option, which will bring up a search box where you can type in a product name, select it & the product image/link will then attach itself to the post. Something to keep in mind is that the link will become shortened & trackable and there's no way to change how the link appears.

If you attempt to use the Add Linked Product option for an Instagram post, the image will be uploaded, however, the link won't be included in the post text due to the fact that Instagram doesn't allow for clickable links in their posts.

If you would like your post to have a location attached, simply click the Add Location option.

Lastly, you do have the ability to add Facebook Audience Restrictions, which could be beneficial if you're promoting a restricted product. Simply click the Edit button to the right of it and determine what restrictions you'd like to place on this post. You can choose from age, country, region, city or zip code.

Once your post is complete you can choose Post Now to have it be sent immediately or you can schedule it by clicking the calendar icon. It will ask you to choose a day, a time range & then a specific time. You'll then hit the green schedule button and your post will send on the selected day!

Reviewing or Editing Your Scheduled Post

Once scheduled - if you need to make edits, cancel the schedule, or just want to review your posts, you can visit the marketing calendar from the marketing tab. From here you can review scheduled social posts as well as scheduled email campaigns. Simply click on the post you want to review and from there you can edit the content or scheduled time.

Deleting a Post

To delete a post, simply find the post you would like to delete and click the trash icon.

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