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Connecting Your Social Channels
Connecting Your Social Channels

Connecting Facebook & Instagram to Springbot.

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Connecting Your Social Channels

Springbot allows you to create, schedule and analyze your social media content all from one place - making it easier for you to quickly utilize all social integrations within your Springbot dashboard.

Before scheduling your posts, you will want to ensure you have connected your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter Accounts by going to the Cart & Integrations page from the top right navigation menu.

Here is how to connect Facebook & Instagram

To start, you need to make sure you are an admin for the actual Facebook page, and to check, follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook as another tab in the browser.

  2. Log in as yourself and switch to viewing the actual store's page by clicking the mini profile picture in the upper right corner - you may have to "see all profiles".

  3. Go to settings -> new page experience -> page access.

  4. click on your name/profile picture and you will want to see a pop up say "This person has full control"

Important: You will have to connect your Facebook account first before connecting your Instagram account.

Troubleshooting Facebook & Instagram Connection Issues

Happen to see either of these screens?

  1. Then what you will need to do is head within YOUR personal Facebook account (you the admin of the Facebook page) & go to Settings & Privacy -> Settings.

From there, head to your Business Integrations page and click Remove as Springbot may have been added in the past but will need to be re-added under your information.

Once that is complete, you should be able to refresh your Springbot dashboard and easily connect again!

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