Shopify Installation
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There are a few different ways of installing Shopify to Springbot. They include:

  • directly in the Springbot app via Integrations page

  • directly in the Shopify platform via Springbot app page

We recommend to install Shopify and get connected by staying in the Springbot app & heading directly to our Integrations page! Those steps are:

  1. Head to the Integrations Settings Page within Springbot.

  2. Select Shopify which will then open the Springbot app page in Shopify if you are already logged into your Shopify platform account.

  3. Click Install.

  4. Once there, review Privacy Details & Permission Details.

  5. After reviewing, select Install. Depending on permissions or auto-login settings, you may need to re-enter login information.

  6. Once entered you will see the Connected page, and will be able to click that moving forward to gain access directly to Springbot from Shopify. Seeing this means you are installed!

Ever wonder how we collect the data?

We actually use Preload Scripts and Cookies to track website traffic and shoppers, so to find our preload script, just View Page Source on any webpage within your store & search "\/async\/preload" - that is going to be Springbot's script.

Also, you know that we are connected properly because if you head to the full performance page, you can see we are showing all orders and you can see our app within your Shopify Apps listing is connected.

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