Action History Reporting

Tracking and understanding reporting for individual actions taken in Springbot.

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Any marketing action you take in Springbot -- whether it's an Email Campaign, Facebook post, Online Ad, or something else -- is saved as an action in your dashboard. Each action has its own reporting page so that you can understand how this action performed for you.

To access this page, simply click Reports at the top of your dashboard, and then click Action History from the sub-menu.

Here you will see all the actions you've taken, and can adjust the date rage of data you see by clicking the date range button on the top right hand side.

You can click the title of any action to see additional reporting on that action. Here we'll be able to show everything from revenue, to the top links clicked on the email, as well as demographic data on customers who bought after clicking on this action, and the most popular products purchased from this action.

In the Orders section, we can show you lots of great detail on the customers who made a purchase after clicking on this action, including the date of their order, the amount they paid, their name, email address, and items they purchased.

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