Coupon Code Tracking

Reading Coupon Code data in Springbot.

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Since Springbot is directly connected to your eCommerce store, we're able to show data surrounding each of the coupon codes you have created in your store. In your Springbot dashboard, you can see the overall revenue generated from each coupon code, what marketing actions (email campaign, social post, etc) lead to a sale, the demographic data (age, gender, income, etc) of who used the coupon code, and even a recap of all the products purchased with that coupon code.

View Your Coupon Codes

Click Reports at the top of your dashboard and then Coupon Codes.

To find the Coupon Code you're looking for, you can search for the code's name or can sort by Revenue, Orders, Cost, etc by clicking on the column header.

Date Range

In the top right you will find a Date Range box. This will help you to see metrics generated during a specific time and can also help you find a specific code you're looking for.

Code Performance

If you click the name of the code , it will take you to another page with additional data on this code. Here you will be able to see more in depth information on this code's performance including revenue, orders, cost (in discounts), AOV, and ROI.

As you scroll down, you'll also be able to see the most popular products purchased with this code, the top actions that lead to a purchase where this code was used, comparative demographic data on customers who bought using this code, and referrer information.


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