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Resending Email Campaigns based on Subscriber Engagement
Resending Email Campaigns based on Subscriber Engagement

Resend emails to subscribers based on who opened, did not open, clicked, or did not click.

Updated over a week ago

On your Email Campaigns Dashboard, you have access to several reporting metrics essential to analyzing the performance of each of your email campaigns. You'll notice that for your sent campaigns, Opens & Clicks are clickable links. Select either Opens or Clicks and choose Email Opens, Email Did Not Open, Email Clicks, or Email Did Not Click.

Once you make your selection, a duplicate of your previously sent campaign will be in draft mode. The Recipients will be based on who you previously selected to email.

Best Practices:

Emailing Opens: Since they engaged with your campaign, it's likely they are displaying a higher intent to buy. You can reach out to them to offer a VIP incentive for being an active subscriber, or just send them more information on the promotion you're having! Don't forget to change your Subject Line and Pre-header text!

Emailing Did Not Open: The content of this email can stay the same as these subscribers have not opened your previous email yet! The focus here should be the subject line and pre-header text. Are you offering an incentive such as free shipping or a discount code? Be sure to switch up your subject line to include this!

Emailing Clicks: These are your highest engaged subscribers. Since they've already clicked back to your site, consider how else you can get these subscribers to make a purchase, like making an exclusive offer such as free shipping just for them.

Emailing Did Not Click: You'll want to the content of your email to make it more clickable. Are all of your images linked back to your website? Do you have strong call to action buttons? If you didn't include a promotion in your original email, you may want to include a discount code or free shipping offer to help increase your click rate and likelihood of a subscriber making a purchase.

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