Email Campaigns Dashboard

Reading the data from your Email Campaigns Dashboard.

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Name: You can click into the campaign title to see performance of a sent campaign or to edit an email in Draft mode.

Recipients: The number of unique recipients who were sent your campaign.

Delivered: This is the number of contacts who successfully received your email campaign. This number may not always match the number of recipients due to delivery errors resulting from incorrect emails, unsubscribed contacts, full mailboxes, etc.

Opens: This is the number of unique opens of your campaign. You can email recipients who did or did not open your sent campaign by clicking into the green Opens number.

Clicks: This is the total number of times your email was clicked on by your email contacts.

Bounces: This is the number of emails that bounced and were not successfully sent to the recipient. These are usually made up of invalid email addresses. If you want help cleaning your bounced email addresses, reach out to our team at to learn more about our list cleaning options.

Unsubscribes: This is the total number of contacts who unsubscribed from your list after receiving that email campaign.

Revenue: The total amount of revenue generated from this campaign. To see more information on the campaign's performance, click the title of the email campaign to see additional reporting!

Additional Options for Sent Campaigns

Once you've sent an email campaign, there will be additional options available to utilize:

View: Here you can view Configuration & Recipient data from previously sent campaigns such as the subject line, included email lists and more.

Reporting: This will take you to the reporting page of this specific email campaign.

Export Engaged Recipients: You have the option to export a CSV of Engaged Recipients from a specific email campaign.

Preview: A quick Desktop or Mobile preview of your sent campaign.

Duplicate: This will create a draft duplicate of your previously sent campaign.

Copy to Store: If you have multiple stores within Springbot, you can copy an email campaign to another store using this option.

Copy as Template: You have the option to save a previously sent campaign as a template in your Template Library.

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