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Email Rendering in Outlook
Updated over a week ago

It is always Springbot’s goal to have your email campaigns look consistent, clean and stylish to each of your subscribers - however, if you use Outlook, there may be times where you notice that the email you created in the editor appears different than what you receive in your inbox.

The reason for that is because Outlook is the only email service provider that uses Microsoft Word algorithms for their email rendering, which takes your email and turns it into a print-friendly view. Additionally, there are tons of versions of Outlook your subscribers could be using and each has different rendering issues and policies.

These issues will mostly affect the imagery or links in your email and a few common rendering issues we’ve seen include changes in image size, image padding, link color or additional white space being incorporated. There’s also the possibility that your subscriber is using a version of Outlook that automatically blocks images from appearing.

If you’re experiencing differences between your original email campaign & how it’s appearing in Outlook, we recommend experimenting a little bit & resending yourself a preview to see if you were able to edit it to be more email-friendly.

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