Incorporate SMS into your welcome automation, abandoned cart automation, winback automation and more.

Drag a new Take action! step wherever you'd like the SMS message to occur in the flow. Once the SMS action step is added, select SMS as the Action Type in the left control panel.

Editing Your SMS Message

Once you've add the SMS action to your flow, you can edit the content of your message by selecting in pen & paper icon on left control panel:

Dynamic Tags Examples for Different Types of Automations

  • Winback: “It’s been a while since you have visited [[store_name]]. Come back and check out our new arrivals: [[store_url]].”

  • Abandoned Cart: “You left something in your cart at [[store_name]]. Use [[coupon]] to get 10% off when completing your purchase here: [[cart_url]]”

  • After Purchase 1 Day: “Thanks so much for purchasing [[product_name]]! Stay tuned for more updates from [[store_name]].”

  • After Purchase 14 Day Review: “Let us know what you think about [[product_name]]. Review here: [[product_url]].”

  • Replenishment: “Running out of your [[product_name]]? Restock now: [[product_url]]”

SMS Automations Library

In addition to adding SMS into an existing automation, you also have the option to utilize pre-built flows with SMS. Click into SMS Automation you'd like to use and edit the initial SMS message that will be sent to customers in the flow.

Updating Your Automations Master Template

If you're adding SMS marketing into your automations, we recommend updating your Automations Master Template with your keyword, toll free number and compliance message to give potential shoppers every opportunity possible to subscribe to receive SMS updates from you!

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