A great email tactic for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the rest of the Holiday season is using segmentation with last year's holiday purchase data. We will want to build a Purchase segment to find all customers who purchased during last year and then send an Email Campaign to these customers to specifically target them. 

Building the Segment

To build out the segment of customers who purchased from you last year, head to your Reports and then Segments tab. Click on Create Segment in the top right corner to begin building out your custom segment and then name the segment something recognizable like Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019. 

Then choose Date of Any Order under the Purchases section to choose the time frame of the Holiday you are trying to target. For example, this segment is to find customers from last year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale so those dates will be chosen. After choosing your dates, click Add and then save your segment. 

Applying the Segment to an Email Campaign

You'll want to build out an Email Campaign with a special message for these customers - whether it is a sneak peek into your Sale Deals this year, an additional discount, or early access to your sale. Head to Email and then Campaigns to start building your Campaign.

Fill out the Configure page with your Email's details and then choose the list you would like to send to (typically All Subscribers will work best here.) Then, choose to Add Filter and find the segment you created for the past purchasers and apply it to the email. 

Finish building your Email Campaign by following this guide. 

Questions? Our team is here for you! If you need additional help, please drop us a line at help@springbot.com