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What to expect in the NEW Springbot 2.0
What to expect in the NEW Springbot 2.0
Welcome to your new go-to eCommerce marketing platform!
Updated over a week ago

In the upcoming days, you will notice that we will be guiding you more and more to our new version of Springbot -

Feel free to go ahead and update your bookmarked tab to this new URL!

What is it?

We call it Springbot 2.0. It is still the same eCommerce marketing platform you know and love, but with MAJOR upgrades and improvements. It is built with the user (you) in mind and we hope you find it more intuitive and easier to use.

Springbot 2.0 Home Screen

What is the difference?

There are a few aspects that are different!

  • Layout: We have simplified the Navigation into 4 parts -> Marketing, Audience, Performance, and Settings.

  • In App Branding: When you complete the Brand Scraper and/or Branding form, this will then build updated template options across all of Springbot features (find this under settings).

  • In App Billing: We will soon be releasing new subscription plans that will be available to you which will turn your Springbot experience into a full self-serve application, where all of your billing controls will live within the app itself if you choose to change plans! Want a sneak peek at what those are? Head here.

  • In App Chat: Very soon we will be launching live chat where you can send questions or report issues to a Springbot team member.

  • Last, but certainly not least, the steps to take action are streamlined and the reporting is more understandable so that we can deliver on our promise to be easy + effective!

Anything else?

  • We are in progress on updating all of our Help Center articles with up to date steps + guides, so if there is something you are lost on, don't hesitate to ask for help (send an email to!

  • Want to provide us feedback on your experience? Drop that here.

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