Springbot Support for AdRoll Campaigns

When launching an AdRoll campaign, you will need the assistance of our support team. In the cases mentioned below, please email help@springbot.com for support. This is necessary when you are looking to:

  • Launch a campaign from scratch

  • Add budget to an existing campaign or ad group

  • Remove budget from an existing campaign or ad group (our budget planning runs month to month, so if you wish to reduce ad spend, it will be removed at the end of your billing cycle)

What is included in Springbot's AdRoll offering?

The prospecting and/or retargeting AdRoll campaigns offered through Springbot are pure ad spend. This means that Springbot does not include or charge creative fees or management fees, as this is a feature that each store will manage on its own.

If you need creative or design assistance, we recommend utilizing free tools such as Canva or Bannersnack to create your static ads. You can reference our ad requirements article in order to see the necessary dimensions and sizes required by AdRoll.

If you are learning how to read the data in Springbot's ad dashboard, feel free to reference our Best Practices Guide.

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