What is AdRoll?

AdRoll is an ecommerce marketing platform that gives growing D2C brands the power to connect with customers wherever they are.

Our machine learning engine uses established data on 70% of the world's online shoppers to predict behavior, ad engagement, and store performance better than anyone.

How does it work?

BidIQ, active by default for all campaigns, is the artificial intelligence that powers AdRoll. This technology helps achieve the best ROAS possible by finding you the right visitor, at the right time, for the optimal price.

BidIQ drives performance by bidding uniquely for every impression, submitting higher bids for high-quality impressions and high-intent users and bidding lower for low-quality impressions. The average of these bids determines your CPM (cost per thousand impressions). Since we do not want to keep your campaign from going after visitors that are most likely to convert, we do not impose a maximum CPM.

How does AdRoll know who to serve ad impressions to?

AdRoll reads signals from over 1.2 billion digital profiles every day. The IntentMap™ data set is one of the largest intent-based data sets available. Here are some examples of the types of data the IntentMap™ can use.

  • Advertiser domain

  • Visitors’ browsing and shopping activity on the advertiser site

  • Vertical category of the advertiser site

  • Geography via IP addresses (in the U.S., this includes zip codes)

We don't transfer cookies or reveal your campaign performance to other advertisers. We don't offer competitor targeting or website-level audiences.

What is the AdRoll Pixel?

The AdRoll Pixel is a JavaScript code snippet placed in the header of your site by Springbot that tracks everything your visitors are doing on your site.

Where are my ads shown?

AdRoll has an ever growing partnership with different Exchange sites and browser tools that provide ad space for purchase to serve impressions to your shoppers. Find a list of those here.

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