What is a Prospecting (or a Look-a-like) Campaign?

Prospecting campaigns identify the right audience based on your current shoppers/site visitors and serve impressions to target people who haven’t been to your site and likely are unfamiliar with your brand, but they have been identified as high-potential prospects for your business. Prospecting can also be labeled as top of funnel or traffic campaigns.

Keep in mind, these ads are meant to introduce customers to your brand and encourage them to learn more, and to to use high-level branding and lifestyle imagery to entice new customers who may not be familiar with your brand yet.

These campaigns typically drive fewer direct (last-touch) conversions than retargeting campaigns. Their main goal is to bring high quality new customers to the site, who can then be reached by your other channels.

What is a Retargeting Campaign?

AdRoll Retargeting helps you reach people who interact with your business online. Our partnership with AdRoll allows you to submit and serve ads that drive your customer back to your site to make a purchase. The springbots will place a tracking pixel on your site so you can track the movements of shoppers when they visit your site (eg. what products they view). This tracking pixel will allow us to serve your ads to site visitors when they leave your site without making a purchase and visit another site with the goal of bringing them back to your site to make a purchase.

Use retargeting to:

  • Bring back visitors who didn't convert.

  • Run promotions.

  • Let existing customers know what's new.

Note: For retargeting campaigns to run smoothly, the minimum amount of visitors per month is 100, so if your site is newly launched, we recommend focusing on a Prospecting Campaign.

Should I run both Retargeting and Prospecting campaigns?

Depending on your monthly site traffic and business goals, this is a great option! The two campaigns work together similar to relay race: if a new visitor reaches your site from a prospecting campaign, they'll then fall into your retargeting campaign. Win-win. We recommend reaching out to our Customer Success team to learn if this is the right option for you!

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