Q: How should I integrate Springbot if my homepage/landing page is a CMS (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) and not Magento?

A: Reach out to your coach for the snippet of code that we'll want added to your footer so the springbots can track all the way through your site!

Q: I see a 404 page after installing the extension. What should I do?

A: This issue comes up occasionally for various plugins depending on the cache configuration. Try clicking the "Flush Cache Storage" button from the System > Cache Management section. If that does not work you may need to manually delete the files in your var/cache directory under your Magento root.

Q: Why does the Magento Connect Manager (aka "/downloader") say forbidden or 404?

A: This issue is relatively common and is due to incorrect file or directory permissions on your Magento server. It prevents us from doing an assisted install. To resolve, please have your developer reference this article. The 404 error can also occur if the /downloader directory has been renamed or moved. NOTE: We are also available to handle this ourselves.

Q: Is it possible to exclude certain customer groups from getting harvested into my Springbot account?

A:Yes, we currently only support customer group exclusion for Magento users. Please contact support for assistance installing a supplemental module onto your site.

Q: I just installed the Springbot extension and I'm experiencing a blank page (e.g. completely white page) in my browser. What is the cause of this?

A:This is an extremely rare situation but it can have multiple causes:

  • Compilation is enabled (See System > Tools > Compilation and click Disable or try this if you can't access admin panel: http://www.magetricks.com/tricks/3-ways-to-disable-magentos-compilation-including-ftpsftpssh).

  • Files missing after uploading over FTP - or just missing in general due to exclusion in version control, accidental deletion, etc.. Please re-upload or re-deploy our extension files to your site.

  • Magento's "Developer Mode" is enabled.

  • Migrations are refusing to run: Extensions running on Magento run "setup scripts" which come in the form of .sql files. These scripts setup tables and columns in which data will be stored for future use. Sometimes, these scripts don't run (MySQL limitations, permissions issues, table lock, etc..). We can provide you a script which you can run beforeuploading the extension which will prevent this issue. NOTE: This is rare and unless you've experienced this while installing a previous extension, it most likely will not be an issue.

Q: How do I handle integrating Springbot if I am a NRO or Pixafy customer?

A:These companies install our extension through their own customer management system. Contact your account rep or support department to proceed with a Springbot install.

Q: Is it possible to install and use Springbot prior to launch or going "live"?

A: Yes, but be aware that you may see some discrepancies in your Springbot dashboard until your site is made publicly accessible. We can work with HTTP Authentication (i.e. website restricted by username and password) but if your site is restricted to certain IPs, we won't be able to process any data as our Springbot endpoint URL is not available to us. You'll need to ensure Magento's cron job is setup and running frequently. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What causes the "Unknown cipher in list: TLSv1" error when attempting to upgrade or install Springbot through Magento Connect?

A: This error started occurring to Magento 1.x users after Magento released a new version of Magento Connect. It has nothing to do with our extension or your Magento install. Supposedly, this will be addressed in a patch but the fix is quick involves editing a single line of code. Please reference this Stack Exchange post for fix and latest updates: http://magento.stackexchange.com/questions/73748/magento-1-9-2-unknown-cipher-in-list-tlsv1

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