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Creating Subscriber Attribute Segments
Creating Subscriber Attribute Segments

How to use the data collected from your Springbot Sign Up Forms.

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Now that you’ve collected valuable data on your subscribers via your sign up form via a check box or input fields, it’s time to put that data to use! You can create custom segments based on the Attribute Names you designated when creating your sign up form. This will allow you to send emails with target messaging based on the Subscriber Attributes you select when creating your custom segment.

To create a custom segment based on Subscriber Attributes, from your main dashboard, navigate to Audience> Segments, click into the customer segments tab, and then click create segment.

First, name your Custom Segment. In the example below, we’ll be using orders after January 1.

Scroll down to Puchases and select Date of First Order.

From here, we will select Birthday Month equals January as our subscriber attributes:

Once you’ve selected your attributes, click Add. The final step is to click the green Save in the top right hand corner of the Segments page!

Your new segment will populate as a Custom Segment Type and you’ll be able to select this segment to send targeted messaging to these subscribers.

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