Prospecting campaigns focus on driving fresh traffic to your website that you can retarget with retargeting advertising as well as your other Springbot features. When creating your prospecting campaign in Springbot, you will have two choices for which type of audience to display ads to - Lookalike Targeting or Attribute Targeting.

Lookalike Targeting

A lookalike campaign will help you drive traffic to your website by targeting shoppers all over the web/social inventory who are similar to those of your existing customers. You will also be required to choose which locations to target to narrow down this lookalike audience.

Attribute Targeting

Using Springbot's customer data you can identify what your ideal customer looks like, and find more like them by targeting attributes (like education and net worth) as well as their interests (sports, fashion, food, and more). You can use the following criteria to define your audience:

  • Education

  • Net Worth

  • Sports

  • Food and Drink

  • Lifestyle and other interests

  • Country/Countries

Different Types of Prospecting Ads

Static Ads

A Static Prospecting Web ad is simply an ad composed of one image. You can think of these are "billboard" style ads that will tell prospective customers a bit about your brand with eye catching imagery and a tagline. You can submit static ads in various sizes which is key in generating more impressions - the more ad sizes you have in your campaign, the more likely that a website will be able to display your ad. Below are the accepted static web ad sizes.

Image title

A Static Prospecting Facebook ad is an ad that appears in a prospective customer's Facebook Newsfeed. This is a 600X315 image that includes copy above and below the ad. Required copy for this ad includes:

  • Text (90 characters max) - a headline above the image, the main message you want to share with your audience

  • Title (25 characters max) - a headline below the image, usually the product name or company name, used to grab visitors attention in one line

  • Link Description (200 characters max) - text that appears before the image, provides additional information about the offer or what your business does

Here is an example of what the finished product will look like!

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic Prospecting Web Ads pull in images of your top selling products. These ads utilize a common theme across all ad sizes and are created all at once as a set. Dynamic Ads consist of the product images (dynamically pulled in by Springbot and AdRoll), your store’s logo sized to fit within the required dimensions, a Call-to-Action button (usually Shop Now), and an overall Theme or layout.

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