What should I track as content?

Content is anything on your site that is not a product page and doesn’t explicitly compel a visitor to buy.

Content may feature a product, but in the context of content that is valuable to your audience. This could mean blogs you’ve produced internally, instructional pages, or even a history of the brand.

How to add a website tracking rule

In order to track a page in Matcha Insights, you will need to add a website tracking rule. But first, you will need the Matcha Global tracking code (GTC) installed on your site. You can find the steps for installing Matcha's GTC here.

  1. Navigate to the website tracking section in Matcha's settings.

  2. You should see a list of pages and their URL's from your site.

    NOTE: It takes up to 48 hours after installing your GTC for Matcha to pull in your website data.

  3. Click the 'Add a tracking rule' link.

  4. Select the domain where the content you want to track is hosted.

  5. Start by adding the path, such as 'getmatcha.com/blog/'.

  6. Matcha will tell you how many pages on this path will be tracked as content. Below that, a list of the Page Titles and URL's to be tracked.

  7. You may notice some pages are listed that you do not want to track, because they do not have any content. For example, you may have a page that is only a list of blog categories- perhaps with a URL like 'getmatcha.com/blog/categories/'. You can add an exception for these types of pages by pressing "Add an exception..." and entering the next part of the URL path.

  8. Once you are satisfied with your content tracking rules, click 'Save rule.'

View which pages Matcha is tracking

To view a list of all the pages you are tracking in Matcha Insights, you can filter by 'Tracked Pages' from the drop-down next to the page search bar.

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