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How Do I Share Locked Content with Subscribers?

  1. Link a locked article as “unlocked”

    Whenever a new subscriber submits their email in a locked form, a cookie is stored in their browser to prevent the form from firing on any other articles that they visit from the same device. However, there may be instances when you want your content to be “locked” for an audience in one marketing channel (like paid Facebook promotions), but “unlocked” for any audience on another marketing channel (like your email newsletter). If you wish to “unlock” a locked article for a specific audience, you can add the following text to the end of the URL: ?utm_content=unlocked

    E.g. The URL “” would need to be changed to “

    Anyone who clicks on this modified URL will see the full article.

  2. Permanently remove a locked form from an article

    If you notice that an article is no longer generating leads efficiently, it may be time to remove the locked form and test a different locked article. Here are the step for unlocking an article:

    1. Navigate to My Content.

    2. Click ‘Locked’ to view a list of your locked articles.

    3. Click on the article you would like to unlock.

    4. Click on the 'Edit' button next to the Subscriber Sign Up Form section

    5. Press the unlock toggle, or change access to unrestricted.

    6. Viola, the article is now unlocked!

Social Share Buttons

Matcha's social share buttons provide your readers an easy path to 'share' your articles across their social media channels, helping to bring in more organic traffic.

There are two places you'll see 'Share Buttons' inside Matcha.
1. Your Matcha account settings

Within your Matcha settings you'll see a section called 'Share Buttons.' This preferences page allows you to turn on Share Buttons as a global setting, set the buttons to appear on the left or right of your blog page, and select the background color you'd like your buttons to have.

White cannot be used as a background color, as it would make your buttons invisible.
Social Share buttons are a global setting, which means they can't be turned off or on at the article level.

2. While writing or editing an article

As you write articles in Matcha, you'll see Social Share Buttons listed as a 'tool' alongside subscriber sign up forms, product listings and other optimization tools. This is here to help users who may not be aware they have Social Buttons available to them, and clicking the 'edit' button next to this tool takes you back to your account settings to make changes to your button preferences.

Related Content

Related Content is a new blog tool for Blog Creator that empowers users to embed up to six articles within a blog post, and drive reader engagement on additional blog pages.

Content shows up as a tiled list where users can choose to display featured image, article title, and SEO description.

To get started with Related Content, navigate to your My Content page and click on the article you'd like to update. If you're creating a new article, you'll find Related Content as an option under the "Tools" section of the edit view.

  1. Click on the "Edit" button next to the Embed Related Content section of the edit view

  2. Toggle the feature on.

  3. Select up to six articles you'd like to feature, and configure additional settings like visible article field, section title and font.

  4. Finally, use the "Move up" and Move down" buttons to decide the exact placement of the feature within the article body.

Remember, click "Save" and "Update" to see the changes you've made reflected on your site.

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