Publishing to Shopify

Library Content

  1. Find an article you want to publish in the My Content or Explore Library tab

  2. Click the article card to open and view a preview

  3. Press the blue "Start Publishing" button

  4. Click continue to lightly customize and/or optimize your article.

  5. Once you're ready, select your desired blog channel from the drop-down menu.

  6. Press the green "Publish" button to complete

Original Content

  1. Click the green "Create new post" button

  2. Select a template, or start from scratch with a blank slate

  3. Draft and optimize your new article to your liking

  4. Once you're ready, select your desired blog channel from the drop-down menu

  5. Press the green "Publish" button to complete

Publishing to Wordpress

  • Open the article you want to publish

  • Select "Publish to WordPress" to begin the publish workflow

  • Note: To schedule a time in the future when you’d like the post to go live click “Schedule”

  • Select "Finish publishing" to publish the article

Publish via copy/paste

  1. In your CMS, create a new blog post.

  2. Log in to the Matcha app.

  3. Click the article that you want to publish in the My Content or Explore Library tab to pull up a preview pane.

  4. Press the "Publish" button to pull up the Publish via copy/paste workflow.

  5. Copy the article title and description from Matcha by pressing the clipboard icon. Paste into the corresponding fields in your CMS.

  6. Copy the article body HTML. When you paste, make sure you turn your CMS editor into HTML mode. HTML mode is typically designated by a button with these characters: </>
    *If you forget to switch to HTML-mode when pasting the article, the article will publish to your blog as code.

  7. Copy and paste the featured image URL and caption. If your website requires an alternate size for the image, you can download another size by pressing 'download the image.'

  8. Publish the article on your CMS.

  9. Navigate to the article on your website's blog and copy the article URL.

  10. Paste the article URL in Matcha.

  11. Press 'Confirm publication'

  12. Matcha will automatically gather analytics for your content within 24 hours of publishing. You should be see the URL of the published content once tracked.

Deleting a Post From Your Blog

From time to time, you may need to delete a piece of content from your list of published content. If the article was originally published using one of our direct integrations, deleting the article by following the steps below will automatically remove if from your site.

  1. Open the article from the 'Published' section of the My Content tab.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the edit view

  3. Click on the green text that reads "Delete publication"

  4. Via the popup, confirm that you want to delete the publication.

If you're using a CMS other than Shopify or Wordpress, you will need to manually remove the article within the backend of your site, or remove them from public view.

Please note, you can only delete publications that were created within Matcha, and deleting articles will remove them from your tracked pages.

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