Once you’ve found an article you’re ready to publish, click “Publish now” to get started.

Matcha will open up a drawer (seen below) where you can begin customizing the article to your liking. You’ll be given the option to edit:

  • Change the title

  • Change the feature image

  • Write a per-article blurb

  • Write a post-article blurb

Change the Featured Image

You are allowed to change your featured image (the image that appears at the very top of the article). This enables you to change the image to one more appropriate for your brand, whether that be an image you own or one that’s available for commercial usage. Many websites do offer freely licensable images, and a number of our customers have used sites like unsplash.com and pexels.com to source photography. Be sure to secure the necessary rights before publishing.

Adjust the Title

You can alter the title to your liking with a single exception: you cannot make it seem like the content was originally written by or for your brand.

Example: Fran LeFrond has an ecommerce store called “Frond’s Friends.” She is publishing a piece from the Matcha library called “The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide.”

  • Fran cannot:

    • Indicate she wrote the piece: ex. “Fran LeFrond’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide”

    • Indicate her brand originally owns the content. ex. “Frond’s Friends’ Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide”

    • Incorporate her product. Ex. “How to Stop Aging with Frond’s Friends’ Face Masks and This Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide”

  • Fran can:

    • Make the title seasonal/relevant to a holiday. “The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide for New Year, Same You!”

    • Target her ideal audience. “The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide for Time-Strapped Moms”

    • Make it a Listicle! “4 Ultimate Tips to Combat Aging”

    • Or an instructional: “How to Stop Aging in Its Tracks”

    • Generally, get creative! “Say Goodbye to Wrinkles with These Hot Tips!”

Introduce Your Content with a Branded Blurb

Add a short branded blurb before or after the article.

Example: Imaginary company, Cup Of Tea & Me, wants to introduce the article “8 Great Herbal Alternatives to Your Morning Coffee” from the Matcha library. Here are some ideas they could try:

  • A global intro. This is an intro that can be placed as an intro to all licensed content pieces. All it takes is writing one intro one time!)
    e.g.Welcome to the Cup of Tea & Me Blog! At Cup of Tea & Me, we offer only the finest of herbal tea blends* to invigorate your day and delight your tastebuds. Please enjoy the content below!
    *As shown, you can even create a backlink to your product line in an intro.

  • Introducing the piece & your guest author in conjunction with your brand and mission. While a custom introduction does ultimately take more time than a global intro, it provides your brand with a unique way to tie every blog post back to your mission and your product.
    e.g. “For years, I was a coffee addict. I drank it morning, afternoon, and even night to get through my days! As I got older though, the caffeine headaches, morning jitters, and harshness on my digestive system started to grate on me. Thanks to a friend, I discovered a newfound love for tea. With Cup of Tea & Me, my mission is to spread the word about the benefits of tea! I hope you enjoy this piece by our guest author, so that you too can discover how to let go of coffee & bring on the tea party.”

Once your edits are made, click “Continue” to move to the Tools section, where you'll see the option to apply product listings, subscriber sign up forms, and more!

Once your Conversion Tools have been selected, click “Continue” and select either to publish the article immediately or to schedule the article to publish at a date/time later on.

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