Here is the simple guide to getting started:

  1. First, it’s important that you’ve connected your Shopify site. Without this connection you won’t be able to use Matcha’s blogging tools, measure the performance of your articles, or publish new content from Matcha’s library. You can visit your account settings to make this connection in a couple of seconds.

    Not on Shopify? No problem. Check the bottom of this article for next steps.

  2. Once you’ve connected your site, you should existing blogs appear in My Content (currently this requires your existing blogs to have a feature image) within a few hours. My Content allows you to explore a running calendar of articles you’ve published over time and to optimize your content with Matcha’s blogging tools at the per-article level. You'll see that your owned articles are designated in My Content as "Owned" and "Imported."

  3. To lock your article for email capture, or to include product ads directly in the article, select the article, and then click “Edit article” to follow the article customization prompts. These changes will be instantly applied to your Shopify article once you’ve submitted your edits and refreshed your blog webpage. You can always turn these features off by selecting “Edit article” again.

Over time, you can use Matcha Insights to understand which articles are top performers against your content goals: traffic, engagement, lead generation, and even revenue influence. You’ll no longer have to wonder if the Father’s Day buying guide you spent a week putting together actually influenced sales!

If you’re not using Shopify, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to use Matcha’s analytics on your owned content! Just connect your Wordpress or other blog and you’re good to go.

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