Share to Facebook Page

Once you’ve published an article to your site, you may wish to share it to your Facebook page to drive organic traffic. Using Matcha’s Share to Facebook functionality, you can promote in just a few clicks!

Tip: Posting to your Facebook page will only share the article with your existing followers. If you’d like to reach a net new audience, consider paid promotion.

After you’ve completed a publication, Matcha will automatically prompt you to share to your Facebook page and email.

  1. Click “Share”

  2. Adjust the caption section to include a brief description of the article or some snappy copy. The preview on the left will show you exactly how your post will appear on your Facebook page.

  1. Select “Now” for immediate publication, or “Later” to schedule at a date and time of your choosing

  2. Click “Post” and the post will appear on your Facebook page within a few seconds

If you decide later that you’d like to edit, reschedule or delete the post, you can do so from the same page.

Embed Content in Email

Once you’ve published, sharing your content in your email newsletter is a quick and simple way to drive subscriber traffic. Using Matcha’s Add to Email feature, you’re only a few clicks away!

Matcha will automatically prompt you to share the article in email after you’ve published.

  1. Click “Add”

  2. From there, you can either embed the content using HTML or manually add the content to your email using the provided URL.

Both methods automatically apply a UTM parameter so that you’re able to track the source of your traffic back to your content.

Tip: Not an email pro yet? Start by using the HTML insert to easily add content to an existing template.

Insert Using HTML

  1. Copy the HTML from Matcha using the clipboard icon on the right-hand side

  2. Create a new HTML </> block within your email template

  3. Paste the HTML into the block

  4. Click “Save”

Add the Content Using URL

  1. Copy the URL from Matcha using the clipboard icon on the right-hand side

  2. Download the featured image by clicking “Download original image” (save to your desktop for easy access later)

  3. Paste the URL into your email. Consider changing the URL text to the title of the article.

  4. Create a new image block within your email template and upload the featured image from your desktop

If you’d like to share an owned article or a licensed article you’ve previously published, you can access the promote page at any time by clicking “Edit Article” and continuing through the Article Customization and Product Listing screens.

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